General Instructions for Getting Started

  1. Log In or Create an Account
  2. Browse events in the catalog
  3. Click on the event you want to register for. 
    • Select the Register (Free!) button
  4. Decide if you want to add it to your cart, keep browsing, and complete registration later, or if you want to complete registration now
  5. Make sure your information is correct
  6. Fill in information for any children being registered for childcare (live in-person events only)
  7. At the bottom, click Complete Registration
  8. All of your events will display on your Dashboard
  9. Your Dashboard is where you can complete components that are required for event completion. This is also where you can view/print all of your certificates.
  10. The following link will provide some step-by-step instructions for navigating the Learning Source and Live-Virtual Webinars: fs_539ece248d4c9ca92ec0ec65dcdf6c03.pdf