The following is a step-by-step guide that may be helpful in navigating the classroom and accessing Live-Virtual Webinars:


How do I set up my profile?

On the main page, select Log In if you already have an account. If you are new, select Create Account. When creating your profile, please provide all required information. Please take a moment to tell us what you are interested in. This will help us to provide relevant training opportunities.

Can I create a joint account with my spouse/significant other?

In order for you both to get credit and receive a certificate, you each need to have your own account/profile. If you create a joint profile, only one certificate with the user name will generate upon completion of the training.

Can I register my spouse/significant other for a training from my account?

Yes. The other person you are registering must have their own account/profile on The Learning Source.

How can I find trainings/events?

You can browse the catalog to see all upcoming events. This will display events that are going to be live in-person as well as events that will be live-virtual.

You can also browse all upcoming live in-person events at In-Person Training. Online training has two options for events. You can browse by selecting Upcoming or On-Demand

How do I register for a training/event?

Once you find a training/event you want to attend, click on the event title or the button on the event that says View. Here is where you can read about the event, the speaker for the event, and view the required components for completion. Select the button that says Register (Free!) in the upper right corner. 

How do I register children for childcare at events/training?

Childcare registration is done on the same page as your registration. There are input boxes for each child's name, age, and any allergies/concerns.

How do I access products that I am registered for?

Once you have registered for an event, or multiple events, you can access them on your Dashboard

How do I complete the survey?

On your dashboard, select the event you attended. Select the Contents tab. The first component will be the In-person or Live Virtual event. Click the yellow button that says Mark as Complete. Then select the Survey Component. Complete the survey. 

If your Contents tab is telling you that you must wait fort the Live event to be over, please refresh the page. That should correct it and allow you to complete all components.

Where can I view/print my certificates?

All of your certificates for completed trainings will be on your Dashboard. On your Dashboard, select Transcript/Achievements.

How do I cancel my registration for a training/event?

There is not a way for you to cancel your registration. Please contact us at and we can cancel it for you. Make sure to include your name and the event that you need to cancel registration for.

Where do I get the verification code for the training?

During live virtual events, the verification code will be announced and typed in the chat box.

For on-demand events, the verification code will be flashed on the screen.

Please input the verification code in the event on your dashboard as soon as you see/hear it. 

We will not email out the verification code if you miss it. The purpose of the code is make sure everyone is attending/watching for the full time in order to receive their 2 hours of training credit.