Trauma-Informed ABA Supports

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ABA (applied behavior analysis)? How can ABA support our children and youth from hard places? Is there such a thing as “trauma-informed ABA”? These questions and more will be explored in this webinar focused on behavior supports for children and youth in foster care and what makes an ABA program trauma-informed. Our instructor will discuss the basics of applied behavior analysis, behavior assessments and treatment plans that take trauma and adverse childhood experiences into account, as well as interventions common in the ABA world that might be contraindicated when working with children and youth who have experienced abuse, neglect, and other ACE’s. We will also discuss questions to consider when interviewing ABA providers to find a best fit for your family, and the youth you support, as well as securing funding for ABA services via Medicaid.

Hours earned: 2.0

Amber Lopez (Moderator)

Director of Youth Services - Colorado

Envoi Associates

Amber Lopez is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with an educational background in human development and family studies. Her passion lies at the intersection of trauma-informed care and behavior supports for individuals with disabilities, which led her to further explore the field of child welfare and foster care when she began providing behavior supports to children and teens in out-of-home placements. Amber is the Director of Youth Services at Envoi Associates, a child placement agency in Northern Colorado licensed for treatment and therapeutic foster care. As a BCBA, she has focused her professional development and continuing education on trauma-informed interventions, caregiver and support staff training, and the dissemination of behavior analysis beyond traditional ABA settings. She has a deep love for lifelong learning and actively seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge in behavior analysis, child welfare, and improving the lives of the individuals and families she works alongside.


04/13/2024 at 9:30 AM (MDT)  |  120 minutes
04/13/2024 at 9:30 AM (MDT)  |  120 minutes
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2.00 Credit Hours credits  |  Certificate available
2.00 Credit Hours credits  |  Certificate available