Restoring Trust After Childhood Trauma - On Demand

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Recorded On: 09/17/2022

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Childhood trauma disrupts a child's ability to trust that they are safe in the world. This lack of trust leads to destructive behavior that impacts the entire family system, making it difficult for the child to form healthy relationships and succeed in school. As a trauma therapist working with children involved in the child welfare system I discovered that the fastest path towards healing trauma was through rebuilding a strong foundation of trust and attachment with primary caregivers, friends, and people in the community. In this two hour course you will learn about childhood trauma, the role of trust and attachment in child development, and how trauma puts our brain and nervous system into survival mode.

You will also learn:

- Practical, evidence-based skills for building trust and resiliency with children impacted by trauma.

- Why children display confusing and challenging behavior after trauma and what makes things worse.

- Trauma-responsive relationship skills for your home, classroom, and the community.

- All about emotional triggers and what we can do to comfort a child in distress. 

Originally recorded: 09/17/2022

Credit Hours: 2.0

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Beth Tyson

Childhood Trauma Consultant, Trainer, Best-selling Author, and Public Speaker

Mom. Survivor. Advocate.

I am a helper, a mother, and a flawed human being experiencing all the joys, fears and sadness that you do. My lived and professional experience with trauma and loss has evolved into teaching others how to help children cope with adversity.

As a psychotherapist I reached people one-on-one, but I soon realized the problem wasn't individual, it was cultural and systemic. I founded Beth Tyson Trauma Consulting, LLC to share my knowledge about children's mental health to a larger audience. My trainings and speaking events educate organizations and institutions about the impact of trauma and how to help children and families who are suffering.

My mother, Joyce, died in her sleep when I was 26. It was a traumatic experience for me that shaped the course of my life. Following this trauma, (and lots of therapy), I knew I wanted to help others who were suffering from the impact of trauma and loss. 

Although my mom's death was the most influential tragedy in my life, I experienced a number of other ambiguous losses as a child that shaped me into a warrior for children in foster, kinship, and adoptive families. 

My professional experience and life challenges fuse together in the education I provide to help the world become trauma-informed and healing-centered.


Recorded 09/17/2022  |  120 minutes
Recorded 09/17/2022  |  120 minutes
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2.00 Training Hours credits  |  Certificate available
2.00 Training Hours credits  |  Certificate available