Project Foster Power Volume III - On Demand

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Recorded On: 10/01/2022

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project Foster Power (pFP) is a group of current and former foster youth, ages 15 to 25+, who are using their voices and experiences to improve the Colorado child welfare system through youth-led organizing and advocacy. Hearing time and time again that youth did not feel adequately prepared or supported in their transition to adulthood, pFP identified their 2020-2021 issue for action: Improving Supports for Young People Exiting Foster Care. As part of this campaign, youth came together to develop best practice recommendations for professionals across three key areas: 1) Placements that Better Meet Youth Needs, 2) Self Care and Community, and 3) Education and Employment.

This session will focus on Education and Employment – recommendations on how to provide encouragement for youth around education, how to better support us in developing life skills, and how to help us plan for the big picture.

Originally recorded: 10/01/2022

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Jordyn Gendel (she/her/hers) (Moderator)

Youth Empowerment Specialist

Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center

Jordyn Gendel (she/her/hers) serves as the Youth Empowerment Specialist, supporting attorneys through a multi-disciplinary model in the Young Adult Legal Advocacy Program, and as the adult ally for project Foster Power, a youth-led advocacy initiative hosted by the Children’s Law Center. Jordyn focuses her everyday work on amplifying the voices of young adults and pushing for positive system change. Before joining our team, she was a Special Education teacher both in Chicago and in Denver. She primarily worked with young people who had experienced instability through system involvement, homelessness, and other experiences of trauma. 

Joining Jordyn will be five young people from project Foster, ranging between the ages of 15 to 25+, who are using their voices and experiences to improve the Colorado child welfare system through youth-led organizing and advocacy. When these young people are not advocating for system changes you can find them working, in school, and being fantastic parents.

Caralia Panizzon (Moderator)

Samantha Little (Moderator)

Kuiana Lynett (Moderator)

Xiola Chin (Moderator)


Recorded 10/01/2022  |  120 minutes
Recorded 10/01/2022  |  120 minutes
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2.00 Training Hours credits  |  Certificate available
2.00 Training Hours credits  |  Certificate available