Parentification: How to Parent a Child who Parents - ON DEMAND

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Recorded On: 03/09/2024

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In this class, taught by Shari Simmons, we delve into the complex dynamics of children who, due to trauma, have taken on parental responsibilities for themselves, their siblings, and even their parents. This phenomenon, known as parentification, can have profound effects on a child's development and well-being.

Participants will gain insight into the underlying causes and manifestations of parentification. We'll explore the psychological, emotional, and social implications for children who find themselves in this role, as well as its impact on familial dynamics and relationships.

Drawing from trauma-informed approaches and attachment theory, we'll discuss compassionate ways to support children who are navigating the challenges of premature caregiving. Participants will learn techniques for promoting healthy boundaries, fostering resilience, and restoring a sense of childhood for these young caregivers.

Hours earned: 2.0

Feedback from this class: 

"This training was excellent! Lots of things to think about as a parent and for me personally, reflecting on my own past."

"Shari is engaging. It feels as if you are talking to a friend who is sharing her best cake recipe with you. The examples are relevant, her willingness to answer questions, the lay person terms she uses are all so helpful!"

Shari Simmons (Moderator)


Shari has a 30-year career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been the Executive Director of several mental health facilities, is currently an adjunct professor, has a private practice, and is a consultant for treatment providers looking to implement evidence-based practices and trauma ingrained care. She is grateful for the opportunity to share expertise on mental health, epigenetics and trauma alongside her mother.

Since a young age, Shari has studied resiliency and the enduring self-sabotaging thoughts that are often the result of trauma. She is co-author of Which Way?, a memoir and psychological handbook on trauma for survivors, clinicians, and anyone who wants to understand and celebrate just how resilient the human spirit is.


Recorded 03/09/2024  |  120 minutes
Recorded 03/09/2024  |  120 minutes
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2.00 Credit Hours credits  |  Certificate available
2.00 Credit Hours credits  |  Certificate available