Navigating Benefits for Kinship Caregivers - ON DEMAND

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    • Foster Parent (Colorado) - Free!
    • CASA - $25
    • Foster Parent (Outside Colorado) - $10
    • County/CPA Worker - $25
    • Foster Parent (New Mexico) - Free!
    • Former FP/Adoptive Parent/Not currently fostering - $10
    • Certified Kin Parent (Colorado) - Free!
    • Certified Kin Parent (Outside Colorado) - $10
    • Foster Source Staff - Free!
    • Non-certified Kin Parent (Colorado) - Free!
    • Non-certified Kin Parent (Outside Colorado) - $10
    • Teacher - $25
    • Speaker - Free!
    • New Mexico Misc. - Free!

Navigating benefits is a tricky thing. It's even more challenging when you become a kinship provider. Join us to learn about our new partnership with Benefits In Action and learn about the ways they can help you find food, health, and financial benefits that you may qualify for!

Benefits in Action is a nonprofit organization located in Lakewood, Colorado that serves individuals throughout the state. They strive to increase understanding, access, and utilization of healthcare resources. Their team of navigators works with individuals to help them recognize the health-related benefits they qualify for, apply to those benefits, and utilize them as effectively as possible. They are passionate about the importance of increasing healthcare benefit literacy among the public. Accordingly, they organize and hold educational sessions in public facilities aimed to increase individual understanding and self-efficacy in navigating the healthcare system.

Training Hours: 1

What People Are Saying:

"I always feel so fortified after these trainings! I have renewed empathy for the kids in my home and I am armed w/ more tools to care for my kids as well.”

“Classes like these are helpful. They help me to better understand myself and how to better understand and help my children.”

“Yes! It was so refreshing and enlightening to see the children’s trauma behaviors in a new way and get strategies to help the kids and ourselves.”

Rachel Wise (Moderator)

Outreach & Marketing Coordinator

Benefits in Action

Rachel Wise is the Outreach and Marketing Coordinator with Benefits in Action, a nonprofit organization serving Coloradans across the state through benefits navigation, application assistance, food delivery, mental wellness supports and more!  Rachel is passionate about working within her community to share valuable resources and appreciates the impact of community-based organizations on the lives of families and individuals.



Recorded 05/22/2023  |  60 minutes
Recorded 05/22/2023  |  60 minutes
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1.00 Training Hours credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 Training Hours credit  |  Certificate available